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Currently, residing in NYC. Originally, from Emerald City USA(Kansas city Missouri/Kansas). I like ideas, that change the masses current frame of mind, on how to live, or interpret their surroundings. A firm believer in great, quality storytelling. Primarily,I make my living in sells,and freelance as an animation and storyboard artist.To me, remaining social and constantly exposing myself, to new people is not only satisfying, but necessary for my advancements. I also really enjoy the development phases, such as concept,character designs,and writing. I aspire to become an executive producer. They're the ones responsible for the quality of content that we see on the major and minor networks. I also love to pitch and sell things to people. My favorite sport is chess.

The BIG 12!!! An Interview with a Killustaration GOD Marc Scheff!!!!

I first met Marc Scheff in 2009 when I join his Meetup group Figure Drawing for Illustrators. At the time it was held in the super cool, always artsy, and full of suprises Williamsburg neighborhood in  Brooklyn NY. Coming in, … Continue reading

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NYC Events and Updates!

Clear blue skies, women coming out of their yearly slumber to reaffirm just how good exercise and dieting can persuade a man to do just about anything, and awesome events. Now for most of us, the summer is usually known … Continue reading

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The Art of Freelancing

Many times over the past few years I have thought long and hard about what would be the best way to deal with clients who offer low budget pricing for their production work.  So drawing on my experiences networking at … Continue reading

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Sign of the times:Television and its ever diminishing viewership and what that means for you.

Nielsen Wire reports that television viewership has taken its biggest decline since 1992. According to their report there are 3 main reasons for this. 1.Digital transition 2.Economics 3.Multiple Platforms I’d like to take a look at the one reason that I … Continue reading

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Conventions,Screenings,and Expensive classes.

Good morning all I hope you all recovering from your annual Cinco de Mayo hang over. I’ll have to admit this years holiday was a little disappointing. I was expecting to see so many stumbling professionals, students, and grandparents but … Continue reading

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42nd annual ASIFA East Animation Festival Awards Ceremony!

Last night marked two huge moments in America history! #1. Osama bin Laden was found and killed in Pakistan. #2 . Hours earlier ASIFA East threw a wonderful awards ceremony at the New School. The turn out was great, everyone … Continue reading

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NYCIFF Weekends are back!

If you are in NYC May 7-8th and are free at 11am, stop by the IFC Center, and check out Chen Deming’s The Dream of Jinsha. I personally, had never heard about this film until yesterday, when I received the … Continue reading

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