Sony Shares CG Tools

Variety reports that Sony Imageworks, known for their uber-realistic special effects and CG character animation, is giving back by opening 5 of their proprietary tools to open source.  The five tools up for grabs are OSL, Pystring, Field3d, Scala Migration, and Maya Reticule.

“Traditionally, in visual effects, the idea has been to have strategic advantage by using a lot of proprietary technology,” said Imageworks chief technology officer Rob Bredow.

“It was appropriate for the development of this business, but as the industry is starting to mature, open standards and the ability to collaborate between companies is as important as competitive advantage,” he continued.

Sony’s master plan behind this move is to transition from having permanent artists on payroll to hiring freelance artists per project, but to do so they need to make sure that everyone has access to the tools.  The engineers from Sony Imageworks will on hand at Siggraph to promote the launch.


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