UP Tops the Charts

The big news this weekend is UP’s domination of the US boxoffice, not really a surprise after its rave reviews at Cannes and smart marketing.  The Hollywood Reporter announced that UP  bagged $68.2 million this weekend making it the third biggest Pixar opening.


Helping the overall numbers, Variety reports, was the; 

1,534 3-D venues, which charge a premium of about $2 per ticket. Disney domestic distribution topper Chuck Viane said the 3-D sites generated an average for “Up” — Pixar’s first 3-D pic — that was 2.2 times that of conventional locations.

UP’s competition this weekend was Ramey’s horror-flic DRAG ME TO HELL, and the kid-friendly champ from last weekend NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: BATTLE FOR THE SMITHSONIAN.  MUSEUM slipped to second with $25.5 million and HELL came in respectable third at $16.6 million.

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