‘Tintin’ Closer to Deal

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Spielberg and Jackson may be close to inking a financing/distribution deal for their trilogy of Tintin films.  They are currently setup at Paramount Pictures, with Spielberg working on the first film.

The director-producers are trying to entice Sony Pictures, which is now in discussions with Paramount, to help finance the films and take on international distribution.

Universal Pictures, which just entered into a seven-year distribution deal with the newly separated DreamWorks, of which Spielberg is a principal, last month declined to finance half of the first picture at a $130 million price tag.

At that time, Paramount quickly offered to finance the entire project, but the terms of the offer provoked the filmmakers to look for other options.

If a deal with Sony goes through, they will not have any role in the creative aspect of the films.  Spielberg is bringing the popular Tintin character to life using mo-cap technology.  The first film directed by Spielberg is scheduled to be released in 2010, while the second film will be directed by Peter Jackson.

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