Dreamworks Aims for More Sequels

Madagascar 2

It looks like Dreamworks Animation is going into the sequel business. Hollywood Reporter has a story today about Dreamworks’ upcoming film “Madagascar: Return 2 Africa”, in which Jeffrey Katzenberg is quoted as calling

it the “second chapter in one story,” Katzenberg said, “there is at least one more chapter. We ultimately want to see the characters make it back to New York.”

He also commented that this second film brings back all the voice actors of the first film including Ben Stiller, Jada Pinkett Smith, and David Schwimmer, as well as introducing a new character voiced by the late comic Bernie Mac.

“Madagascar” made more than $530 million in worldwide boxoffice. It was DWA’s highest-grossing nonsequel until “Kung Fu Panda” recently topped $560 million.

Speaking of “Kung Fu Panda”, Reuters also has a story today that Dreamworks is looking into a sequel for this film as well and could make an announcement soon.

“We’ve started conversations about it, and I think in the next 30 or 60 days, we’ll be able to talk completely about that,” Katzenberg told Reuters, when asked about a follow-up to a film that has raked in $560 million in global ticket sales.

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