Grand Theft Auto Sales Cause Some to Question the Validity of Next-Gen Systems

Prior to the release of “Grand Theft Auto IV” analysts had predicted a large increase in hardware sales which usually accompanies a high profile game like “Grand Theft Auto:IV”. However, this has not happened. While “Grand Theft Auto IV” was the top selling game two months in a row, those same two months the Wii (the only current gen system that “Grand Theft Auto: IV” is not on) doubled the sales of PS3/360’s combined. This has caused some to wonder whether casual market games such as “Rock Band” and not high profile AAA titles will lead gaming from now on. However, others such as this Variety blogger are not yet convinced. That blogger claims that it is still to early to tell.

To make any really definitive claims, I think we have to wait until the end of the year. That’s when we’ll have seen huge PS3 exclusive “Metal Gear Solid 4,” huge 360 exclusive “Gears of War 2,” and the holidays. If none of those 3 things, along with “GTA IV,” can move hardware sales, then we can probably say that the two systems are about tapped out, at least at their current prices. And then we’ll have to start asking some really serious questions about the wisdom of high powered, high priced game systems.

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