cineSync Pro released today

DMN Newswire–2008-5-26–ADELAIDE, Australia, 26th May 2008:  RSR, the company behind the world leading post production workflow tools cineSync and cineSpace, today announce the full release of cineSync Pro – the ultimate  synchronised review and approval solution.

Expanding on the hugely successful and widely adopted cineSync, cineSync Pro takes interactive, real time reviews to another level and is fast becoming an essential part of production and post production pipelines the world over. 

Available now, cineSync Pro has been developed in response to the needs of VFX, animation, film production, network television and DI facilities – facilities that deal with a large volume ofmedia across multiple locations and which require a level of interactivity not available in existing media review tools. Available on Windows, OSX and Linux, cineSync Pro is also designed to be deployed as an internal review tool, streamlining project management workflows.

cineSync Pro is designed to provide absolute “visual context”, removing all potential for confusion or misinterpretation, by ensuring that everyone in the review and approval process sees exactly the same thing at the same time.

Features of cineSync Pro include the ability to play stereoscopic material, to apply 3D colour look-up tables (LUTs) to loaded movies and still images and to display in full screen on a monitor or projector. With cineSync Pro you are now able to adjust colour, brightness, gamma, saturation and contrast, zoom and pan to specific ares of interest, apply hard and soft masks and modify stereo convergence, all in total synchronisation with everyone else in the review – no matter where they are in the world.

“cineSync Pro represents an exciting step forward in the evolution of cineSync” says Clint Walker, RSR CEO. “For the customers that demand the highest level of quality and speed in the review sessions, while still maintaining a simplicity and ease of use, cineSync Pro stands head and shoulders above any other product in the market. We are very excited to be working with our valued clients to push cineSync Pro even further and look forward to some very exciting developments in the near future”.

For more information, visit the official website of cineSync Pro at <> or contact Product Manager Rory McGregor on +61 8 8400 6475 (Australia) or at

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