Cartoons Spread Green Ideas

Animation Insider reports that Climate Cartoons films will be coming to theaters in the very near future. Climate Cartoons is a non-profit organization started by animators, producers and distribution experts. Their agenda is to use animation as a way to educate people about the environment, and teach them specific ways in which they can help make a difference in global warming. Many professionals are already involved including pros from Colossal Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios. Climate is also actively seeking students, faculty and professional animator volunteers. Their first project, an animated short,

called “Seven Big Ideas,” has already begun circulation throughout movie theaters in the United States. The short film appears as a theatrical pre-show item for films rated G and PG by the Motion Picture Association of America. Dealing with the serious issues of climate change in a rather simple and often humorous way, Climate Cartoons hopes that “Seven Big Ideas” gives moviegoers a nudge in the right direction.

The short was funded by the MacArthur Foundation and features Izz and Dex, two green skinned kids from the PBS series “Meet the Greens”. The two challenge each other to come up with ways to save the planet. The short will air in theaters throughout the month of April.

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