Dreamworks delays “Dragon’s” release

Dreamworks Studios today announced they would be pushing back the release of  their 3-D Movie “How to Train Your Dragon” to March of 2010. Moving away from Fox’s “Avatar” and Disney’s “A Christmas Carol” both of which would be taking up the preciously few 3-D screens. Variety reports that

It’s the second DreamWorks toon to be moved because of “Avatar.” Previously, 2009′s “Monsters vs. Aliens” was moved from May to March, before Fox delayed “Avatar” to December.DreamWorks Animation topper Jeffrey Katzenberg admitted Tuesday that he considered putting “Monsters” back in May after the shift, but decided to stay with March for other reasons.”The international marketplace is also a big consideration for us in terms of the other 3-D releases already in place for summer 2009,” he explained.


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